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Who is Moonstone? I belong to the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe.  As a child I was entralled listening to stories about my paternal great-grandmother, who was our tribe's Shaman/Medicine Woman/Healer.  Like her, I wanted to be a healer. Those stories would help inspire me to become a registered nurse. 

I'm a sun-sign Virgo and - with a stellium of 4 planets in Virgo -  I am challenged to walk the line of not letting my natural eye for detail and organization slip into Virgo's negative expression of fussiness and nit-picking.

One of the most dominant planets in my chart is my Mars (energy and passion) in Scorpio. I think I have just about tamed the animal and have learned to draw others to me through love instead of using fear or force of will.

Adam + Moonstone: Adam and I both have our Ascendants located in Libra. Those with this Ascendant are often artistic, creative and sociable. We thrive on companionship and feeling connected, are willing to work at maintaining peace and harmony but may try too hard to please others. 

 Adam' Aura:  The planet Neptune sits on my Ascendant, making me a sponge that absorbs the psychic vibrations around me. I am an empath. When I met Adam, I could see his aura. It's Bright, It's Strong, It's Golden!

One of my guilty pleasures used to be reading my daily horoscope - which I gave up after discovering 'real' astrology.  Shortly before meeting with an astrologer for the first time, I was startled when my mom told me, "You are my daughter and I love you, but I can't say I  really know you." I realized how true my mom's statement was when the astrologer told me things about myself that I knew I never shared with anyone - not with any of my friends or family members. That consultation was enlightening, motivating me to explore my feelings about intimacy and make some beneficial changes.  I became a dedicated and passionate student of astrology. When I contemplate the stars, God speaks to me.

All planets and signs have positive and negative expressions - the choice is yours.

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