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"The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave it neither power or time."  ~Mary Oliver

From June 2019 Guitar World interview with Brian May by Joe Basso:

“I think performance is still a big part of our history,” May says. “We still go out there with Adam and do it at the top level. I don’t think anybody could have predicted that, either. What’s great is, Adam doesn’t feel like a replacement at all; in his own way, he’s an innovator on stage. He’s part of our new balance.”

"Adam can do all the stuff that Freddie did and more. It doesn’t matter what you throw at Adam — he can do it.  He’s a born exhibitionist. He’s not Freddie, and he’s not pretending to be him, but he has a parallel set of equipment. He knows how to deal with an audience. He teases and taunts an audience quite naturally, without thinking about it. He loves to dress up."

"Adam lives and breathes that stuff. Adam is style, and that’s not to say he’s not content as well. He’s a born rock star and frontman, so it’s a very vibrant relationship we have with him. We treat Adam exactly the same as we treated Freddie in almost every way."

On the day Adam released ‘Two Fux’ - June 30, 2017—Jupiter (planet of expansion & success) was closing in on making a conjunction to Adam’s natal Mars (planet of action & energy)!  It’s exciting to see that as Adam embarks on this world tour with Queen and releases the new single ‘Two Fux’ that Chiron (planet of public recognition & fame) continues to make an enhancement aspect to Adam’s natal Pluto (planet of power)! The timing is right for Adam to use all this beneficial energy to build his fan base and enchant his die-hard Glamberts with his new creative endeavors.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

The optimist in me is always drawn to the positive aspects revealed by the planetary aspects in a chart but the realist in me will eventually open my eyes to the challenges also co-existing with the blessings.


At this time Adam’s natal Neptune is being challenged by the energy of several transiting planets. Saturn (the Lord of Karma) has been, is, and will be approaching Adam’s Neptune until mid-November. It’s a good thing that Saturn is so slow moving because it usually takes time to become aware of, to listen to and understand, and then - hopefully - to successfully integrate Saturn’s karmic message and reckoning into enlightenment and transcendence of the Soul. As if Saturn’s energy isn’t stressful enough, transiting Sedna (ruling both victim & victimizer) and Chiron (ruling karmic bonds, reputation, trust of the public and significant others) are also challenging Adam’s natal Neptune! What does this all mean? That is something that Adam must discern for himself, because Neptune can symbolize several things - including longevity, creativity, idealism, unselfish love, long-term relationships, long-term financial security. 

The Velvet Era

New Eyes with Green energy.png
Astrology of Comin In HOT.png

June 26, 2019 Release Date:  Astrologically, June 26th is going to be a tough day. The planet Saturn will be connecting with several planets and its energy usually results in frustration, criticism, limitation and negativity of all kinds.  In general, this would not be an advantageous day to initiate or release any new projects.


A few of the more beneficial transiting planets, though, will be making enhancing aspects to several of Adam’s natal planets and these aspects may mitigate the overall negative energy of the day.


Adam’s Chiron (charisma and public image) is going to be enhanced by Juno (sexual magnetism/allure).


Adam’s Chiron (public image) is also going to be impacted by  that malefic Saturn. This could be devastating if these 2 planets formed a  challenging aspect but even the usually enhancing trine aspect that is formed here - when it involves Saturn - will signify some kind of trouble.


Adam’s Moon (emotions) will be lifted by Chiron (public recognition). The Moon conjunct Chiron is called the “Fertility Aspect”. This favorable aspect could bode well for the upcoming birth of “Velvet”.


Chiron (public perception) will be enhanced by Adam’s Uranus (originality).


Saturn will be challenging Adam’s Mars (male sexuality/sex drive). 

Adam has described “New Eyes” as foreplay — and “Comin In Hot” as more foreplay, just with less clothing.  It seems like some fans will relish the sexual energy of “Comin In Hot (Juno parallel Adam’s Chiron) - and other people will not (Saturn square Adam’s Mars).


In the heliocentric dimension, Saturn’s attempt to restrict Adam’s Venus (creating beauty/cash flow) may be thwarted by the enhancing energy his Venus will be receiving from Juno (sex appeal) and Vesta (fans/friends).


Pluto will be giving power (trine aspect) to Adam’s Chiron (career/public recognition).

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