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Adam Lambert's Soulmates

Friends - Lovers - Heartbreakers

Statistically, the odds of running into one of your soulmates is about the same as being hit by lightening. But when you both are ready, the universe will move mountains to bring soulmates together. Amazingly, Adam has been struck by lightening - repeatedly.

Some people have the mistaken conception that soulmates are always sensitive, generous and patient with each other; that soulmates live in a conflict-free relationship paradise. Actually, soulmates are brought together to stimulate mutual growth in each other, and there is truth in the saying, "No pain, no gain." What will hold a soulmate relationship together - through times of painful challenges - is their powerful love for each other.

"Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape."  ~Charles Dickens, 'Great Expectations'

Most people do not need an astrologer to tell them when they have found one of their soulmates because the magnetic attraction and connection is incredible. Chiron - Greek mythology's legendary centaur and wounded healer - is the astral body that points to soulmates. A linkage of Chiron with another's Venus (planet ruling beauty and attraction) helps to form an enduring bond between the two. The energy of Chiron is romantic - but it is not sexual. Sometimes soulmates are better suited to be intimate friends than sexual partners.

The Heartbreakers:

The mythological gods and goddesses have multifaceted personalities. Some of my favorites are known for their benevolence, wisdom and heroic actions - but even their stories contain lapses of them choosing to act out in anger, ignorance, or selfish motives.  

There are two, though, - Saturn and Sedna - whose stories are particularly violent and hurtful. When either of these two planets is astrologically linked to a partner's natal planet, the energy generated is extremely turbulent and challenging - and almost always becomes destructive and heartbreaking.

Saturn  - the mythological Titan who devoured his own children - tempts us to seek to dominate others. The controlling influence of Saturn is most evident when two people have a Saturn linkage. If someone's Saturn makes an aspect to another's personal planets, it can generate energy that creates powerful clashes. When someone's Saturn links with another's Chiron, the Saturn person generally has control and dominance over the Chiron person, resulting in heartbreak for the wounded-healer.

Sedna  - Unlike the asteroids and planets which were named after the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, Sedna is named after the Inuit goddess of the sea. Her's is a story of betrayal and abandonment. A mysterious suitor, clothed in fine furs, arrives in town and Sedna's father agrees to give her to him as wife in return for fish. Sedna's new husband takes her to a desolate island, removes his disguise and reveals that he is actually a Fulmar - a dangerous bird spirit. 

Later, feeling guilty, her father attempts to rescue her but her husband the bird creature becomes angry, causing a great storm. Sedna is tossed off the kayak. Clinging to the side of the boat, she tries desperately to climb back on. Fearing for his own life, her father begins striking her clutching fingers with the oar - chopping them off. As they fall into the sea, her fingers morph into various sea creatures - such as seals, whales, walruses and dolphins. As Sedna sinks into the icy water and drowns, she transforms into a sea goddess. Generally considered a vengeful goddess, hunters must placate and pray to Sedna to release the sea animals from the ocean depths for their hunt.

Sedna, when linked with another's planets, has the potential of being a destroyer. Saturn can also be destructive but Sedna at its lowest vibration has more destructive power than Saturn does. When Saturn knocks us down, we can usually get back up. If Sedna knocks us down, it follows up by pounding us into the ground. Sedna is symbolic of corruption, lies and immorality of all kinds.

But the energy of every planet, even Saturn and Sedna, can be manifest on a spiritual level. Was Sedna merely a mortal who was victimized and then died wishing for vengeance . . . or does she embrace her immortal soul? When we look at the end of the myth, Sedna becomes the goddess who feeds us. Given her brutal treatment, one could easily understand if she were to go off to leave us to starve. But she does not.

She lets go of her painful past and provides for us - with a catch. We had better treat the ocean and the animals that dwell within it well, or she will withdraw our food. The energy of Sedna manifesting at the spiritual level represents the no-nonsense caretaker of humanity.

You, too, can rise above being a victim.

""Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing." ~Jesus Christ

"Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other."   ~Paulo Coelho

"I think my and Adam’s friendship is hopefully an inspiration to people, because he and I are really different, but there are lots of ways that we’re the same. We care about each other a lot, and we’ve gone through this whole thing with a really, really good friendship. We’re going to be friends for life.”  ~Kris Allen, US magazine interview

Nail Polish Pact: Fans noticed that Adam removed the nail polish only on his right thumb, while Kris had nail polish on his right thumb. Adam painted Kris’s thumbnail and removed the polish from one of his own nails, stating “If you can carry around a piece of me, man, I can do the same for you.”

“We’re very good friends, and Adam’s like my own brother. He’s helped me a lot. Even on personal things, like when I had an emergency situation and I had to leave the band. There were a lot of things going on with my family, and Adam said that cause we’re brothers, I don’t have to worry about anything and I should go back to my family whenever I need to. We’re just very close like that. I can talk to him about anything, and he can talk to me about anything. We’re very good friends.”  ~Tommy Joe Ratliff

Even though both of these aspects are a little too loose to be within the 'orb of influence' indicating a Soulmate connection, they are probably close enough so that Adam and Tommy can still feel their enhancing energy - which has contributed to their friendship.  

Sambert Photo tagged.png

"He's such a nice guy. He's so funny. No. There's no romantic gossip - there's a lot of bonding." ~Adam

chiron contra-parallel Venus.png

Sam's Chiron is contra-parallel Adam's Venus

Soulmate Connection:  Chiron rules karmic bonds, enduring relationships (personal and business) - and points to soulmate connections.  Chiron also rules image and public recognition.


Venus rules beauty, attraction, emotional attachment and money. A Chiron-Venus enhancement aspect is the most powerful and beneficial linkage that people can have.

Saturn squares Chiron.png

Sam's Saturn  is square Adam's Chiron

Heartbreak clash:  When Saturn is involved in a relationship interaspect, it is symbolic of strong bonds - because the Saturn person always has a measure of control over the other person. When Saturn clashes with Chiron, it is called the "Heartbreaker" because it often results in heartbreak for the Wounded Healer. The relationship will begin with powerful attraction and amazing connection - but there is a time-bomb lurking in the shadows.


Clashes do not reflect anyone's guilt but are the natural result of combining the unique energies of two people.

Is a relationship with a Heartbreak Clash or other Saturn and Sedna clashes doomed? Not necessarily - but there will definately be tough challenges to overcome. Sometimes an abundance of Chiron linkages can help alleviate or balance out potentially damaging Saturn and Sedna clashes. Additionally, two sets of transits (day by day position of the planets as they aspect the birth chart) will have a profound influence on the outcome of a relationship - the first occurring on the day the couple first meet and the second are the transits that take place on a wedding date (which will supersede the influence of the first). Hopefully love and awareness on each person's part can also help a couple deal with their clashes constructively. 

Soulmates are brought together to stimulate mutual growth in each other. Sometimes the lessons learned involve self-examination, setting priorities, developing self-discipline, negotiating the waters of compromise - and sometimes require the love and strength of letting go.

"He is very sweet. On one beautiful night I met a person who changed my life a bit.”  ~Sauli Koskinen

Soulmates, yes, but with some challenges. Adam's and Sauli's combined planets form a T-square configuration, a sign of both attraction and disharmony. For better or worse, they both know how to push each other's buttons. Luckily, they have been blessed with the Linkage of Forgiveness - Adam's Sun is conjunct Sauli's Jupiter. The Jupiter person will often forgive the Sun person unquestioningly; the reverse can also be true.

Adam and Javi Soulmates.png

"I am so happy. - I'm really lucky. I feel really, really content." ~Adam, speaking to 'Access' reporter on GLAAD red carpet

Soulmate geometries.png

Javi's planets are red and are located in the middle circle.

Adam's planets are yellow and are located in the inside circle.

Soulmate Geometries are the strongest indicator of a Soulmate relationship and must always include t (Chiron) - the arrow that points to Soulmates. 


Javi's natal chart contains a dynamic and challenging t-square pattern.  A t-square is like a pressure cooker of energy, edginess, and stress. It symbolizes facets of ourselves which are at odds with one another. When overlaying their charts, one can see that several of Adam's planets are connected to Javi's t-square pattern. The aspects formed between their combined planets (as pictured above) sometimes support but also challenge each other's expression of energy. 


Javi's Y is the focal planet in his configuration’s dynamic point of release and resolution. Adam's T is in an enhancing conjunction to Javi's Y and may show a constructive “way out” of a set pattern or a way to avoid any compulsive behavior associated with the t-square.

This Soulmate Geometric also contains Javi's Q in enhancing trine aspect to Adam's Y and is one of the most beneficial linkages a couple can have. It forges a karmic bond, an immediate attraction and promotes a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Note: Javi's Moon is in Virgo. Since his time of birth is currently unavailable, I cannot calculate its degree and will not use it (although my gut feeling tells me it completes a 'Mystical Triangle'.)

Fire and Air linked by Heart.png
Circle Haiku Verses for Adam and

Scroll down to read more about  Adam's and Javi's natal chart linkages at "What Does Adam Want?" and "Chasing That Original High".  

Stay tuned - more coming!

Javi and Adam Soulmate Quote.png

An astrologer once asked me, "Which sign of the zodiac do you think is potentially the most dangerous - potentially the most lethal?"

My first thoughts went straight to Scorpio, ruled by Pluto - powerful Lord of the Underworld. My own Mars is located in Scorpio. I don't become angry easily or often - but when I do, people scatter . . . or they drop down and surrender. But I knew this question was meant to take me deeper than the obvious. After pondering the question, I answered, "Libra."

The astrologer smiled and then asked, "Why?"  My response: "Because above all else, Libra craves peace, harmony and balance. A Libra will bend over backwards - will give up much more than they should - to establish peace and harmony. If nothing they do works, when all methods have been exhausted, when there is absolutely nothing more to give, they are left but one choice - they have to kill the disrupter. Sometimes literally."

Even though Adam's Sun is in Aquarius, his nature is also very Libran. Libra is Adam's Rising Sign and three of his planets - Mars, Saturn and Pluto - are placed in Libra. Adam may think that he craves peace, harmony, balance and love in his life - and a part of him really does - but his 7th House desires may not entirely agree. 

Our "desired partner" is reflected by our 7th House. The kind of person who can fulfil our intimate needs is mirrored by our 7th House - by the zodiac sign on its cusp, its ruler, as well as any planets placed in the house. The 7th House represents all we yearn for because we do not as yet possess or fully understand it. We instinctively recognize it when we see it in another person.

Aries is the sign on the cusp of Adam's 7th House and his Arian Moon sits right on that sensitive spot. So . . . Adam desires a Lunar-type (protective, nurturing, emotionally expressive) Arian (fearless, energetic, athletic, enthusiastic, and fiery) partner. 

 What do Javi's natal planets reveal? Javi's Arian Sun (essence) is located in Adam's 7th House of intimate partnerships and would radiate the Arian qualities Adam is attracted to.  Javi's Saturn (restrictions, frustration) also resides in this House but is just beyond the orb of influence of being able to make a direct hit at Adam's Moon (feelings) in Aries.


Javi's Chiron is located in Adam's Libran 1st House and is conjunct Adam's Pluto - a Golden Linkage.

The House of Sex, Death & Secrets

Our 7th House focuses our attention on defining and searching for our desired partner. After we have decided we have found the "One" - and have not ended up hating our potential partner for the very things that drew us to them in the first place - we begin to make promises; we commit ourselves to a partner. I like to think that, symbolically, the 7th House represents our 'engagement and wedding' . . . and the 8th House represents our 'marriage' after returning from our honeymoon.

Our 7th House describes our choice (even if it is not choosing a partner) and our 8th House describes the consequences of our choices.

GETTING NAKED IS NOT OPTIONAL.  Sex, passion, obsession, jealousy, possessiveness, secrets, treachery, betrayal, shame, fear, murder and death are all words often associated with the 8th Astrological House.


The keyword, though, that truly illuminates the 8th House is "INTIMACY".

There are five essential levels of intimacy. A deeper, more profound and powerful sharing comes with each of these successive levels. (Based on The 8th house and the 5 Levels of Intimacy by Rocky Berlier)

Level One:  Physical Intimacy.  The first level of intimacy brings us together through mutual attraction and the magnetic pull of chemistry. Sex, though, is not synonymous with love or even with intimacy. Trusting someone enough to share our sexual insecurities, desires, fantasies - including our nightmares - can lead to meaningful and unifying sex.

Level Two:  Material Intimacy.  The 8th House is where individual ownership switches over to joint ownership. It is the blending and merging of tangible things, resources and power that is most described by this level. In addition to sharing our "stuff", this level of intimacy is also shown in our generosity and willingness to indulge our partner.


Level Three:  Intellectual Intimacy.  This represents the merging of our thoughts, ideas and intellects. It is reflected in our ability to communicate with each other, as well as share interests and even mutual friendships with others. We seek interaction, discussion and dialog which is specifically designed to achieve progress in the relationship. Without a good connection here, the relationship will not be able to move forward into deeper levels of intimacy.

Level Four:  Emotional Intimacy.  This is a level where we learn a great deal of the truth about each other. After being on our best behavior, we begin to get glimpses of each other's true nature. We reveal the deeper, more vulnerable, more meaningful and perhaps more problematic side of ourselves. Sharing deep dark secrets and discussions about our past are the very core of this level. Where we "come from" is critical to who we are today.

Level Five:  Spiritual Intimacy. Spiritual intimacy demands that your paths in life be in compatible alignment. Without this alignment, the universe will pull at your individual purposes until life itself leads you in different directions. This level is where our spiritual world view, politics, religion, superstitions, opinions and philosophies either collide, harmonize or merge.


Honoring the other person's physical, material, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries is the true key to a happy and fulfilling relationship.


"There's nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else."  ~Brad Meltzer 

I consider discussing someone's 8th House off-limits but Adam has opened the door to his own 8th House on several occasions, publically revealing aspects of himself that clearly dwell there. It is those aspects that I feel comfortable discussing.

In his own words, Adam described the physical attributes he desires in a potential partner (7th House territory but also flows into the 8th):

 "Gay, pretty, younger than me, smaller than me."

In his own words, Adam offers insight into his 8th House:

"I like to top."


"There was a lot of me trying to be a 'fixer'. I think that was kind of my curse for a long time."

"It's socially accepted in the gay community to be promiscuous. It's like, oh, we're both men, we're supposed to want to fuck all the time and cheat on each other. And it's OK, open relationships are fine because we're all men. And I'm not judging that, but I don't think that's for me. I don't think it's emotionally healthy."

"Part of being in control of your life is knowing when to surrender."

""Friends, family, lovers . . . that changes who you think you are when you look at yourself in the mirror."

Mirror Image with Adam and Javi.png

The sign on the cusp of Adam's 8th House is Taurus.  Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, any aspects that involve Adam's Venus become significant when interpreting his 8th House. One of the most powerful aspects in Adam's natal chart involves his Venus (emotional intimacy, attraction and attachment to partners) squaring (competing energies acting at cross purposes - until we get it right) his Pluto (power and the desire to acquire more power). Venus square Pluto suggests a passionate nature that is physically and spiritually fiery. The need for love may border on insatiable. Jealousy and a need for control may cause trouble in his relationships. Adam requires independence and would not be able to tolerate a jealous, controlling or possessive partner. Yet, if left unchecked, he himself has a tendency to lapse into those very same behaviors he so dislikes.

Additionally, two powerful planetary bodies - Chiron and Sedna - are placed in Adam's 8th House. The mythology of each tell stories of painful wounds - and death. When Chiron and Sedna make the choice to let go of their pain, they each experience transformation.

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."  ~Marilyn Monroe

Some people ooze sex appeal. Many consider this a blessing but it can also be a curse. The 'Sex' planets are Mars, Venus, Pluto and Juno. Some people have several aspects between their natal sexual planets, some have a few and many don't have any at all. The number and type of sexual aspects is an indicator of a person's sex appeal and desire for sex.

JUNO - When it comes to sex, there is no planet as potent as Juno. Juno is the most sexual of the planets and is even more sexual than Venus, Mars and Pluto. Anyone with Juno aspects, especially the enhancements, has great sex appeal and will be highly sexual. Juno is the ruler of lust and sex without commitment.

Chiron makes love - Juno has sex.  Chiron, Venus and Neptune are 'Romance' planets. When it comes to love and emotional involvement, there is no planet as important as Chiron.

So . . . each time one of the sex planets (Juno, Mars and Pluto) is within orb of influence of another sexual planet or with a love/romance planet (Chiron, Venus and Neptune) in someone's natal chart, the energy generated from that connection increases their sex appeal . . . and their sexual appetite.

Adam's Natal Sexual Aspects:

Adam's Juno is conjunct his Neptune.

Looking at the symbolism of the planets involved, Juno's influence would suggest a tendency to seek sex without marriage or long-term commitment. Juno, though, is combined here with Neptune.

Instead of fear of or a desire to avoid commitment, Neptune's energy within this aspect could be creating an illusionary and idealized portrait of the qualities needed for the 'perfect' mate. Unmet expectations is at the root of most failed relationships.

Only multiple Chiron synastry linkages with a partner will be able to overpower Juno's influence.

Adam's Chiron is inconjunct his Mars.

Looking at the symbolism of these planets, the emotional attachment and love for a partner enhances sex.

Adam's Juno is parallel his Venus.

This is a Super Sexual enhancement aspect.

Adam's Juno, in Sagittarius, has a natural tendency to plunge into sexual encounters with reckless abandon. This Juno expresses its desires frankly and honestly.


Adam's Juno energy, though, is drawn to blend and merge with his Venus in Capricorn. Cappy energy will naturally incline toward holding back. Cappy may be cautious but also has a warm heart, values honesty and wants to do no harm - to themself or to others.


Some may fear that Cappy will completely smother Juno's fire but that is not the case here. The energy flowing between them is harmonious and beneficial. Adam's Juno will add its spark and his Venus will fuel that spark without letting it burn out-of-control. 

Whenever we meet someone, we enter through their front door - their Rising Sign - and they invite us to step into their foyer - their astrological 1st House of their persona. It's interesting to note that the first planet to greet visitors upon entrance to Adam's 1st House is Mars - a sexual planet. Adam's Pluto - another sexual planet - is also a 1st House resident. And who stands sentry over these two but Saturn - the Lord of Karma. I can almost hear Saturn's warning to "Rein it in boys or there'll be hell to pay."

The hottest sexual linkages between two people - such as Adam's Pluto conjunct Brad's Juno and Adam's Mars contra-parallel Brad's Juno . . . or Adam's Mars contra-parallel Sauli's Juno and Adam's Mars contra-parallel Sauli's Pluto . . .  or Adam's Mars parallel Sam's Pluto . . . or Adam's Juno contra-parallel Javi's Venus and Adam's Chiron trine Javi's Mars - are a double-edged sword. The sexual attraction this energy triggers is always immediate, intense and explosive! But, as in the nature of exposives, this energy flashes hot and always burns out quickly - sometimes in a matter of just hours or a couple of days, often in a few weeks or months, and is rarely sustainable for more than a few years.

When the energy from the super-sexual aspects is burned up, it's flame cannot be re-kindled. The couple may mistakenly try to place the blame on each other. What astrology shows us is that sometimes it's no one's fault, but that what we are experiencing is a natural response to combining our unique energies.

If the couple has one or more of the much more subtle but 'forever' sexual linkages, they can continue to enjoy a mutual but more subdued sexual attraction. Someone who's nature is highly sexual may not want to or even be able to resist the pull of that Original High - leaving a string of lovers in the ashes because THAT Original High is never sustainable.

"Love at first sight is a myth, but thundering sexual attraction at first sight is hard science.  ~Daryl Gregory

Thus, we go 'Chasing after That Original High'.

"We only get a maximum of two year's worth of chemistry from Mother Nature to start a relationship between soulmates, after that we must put in effort. 

~Power of Positivity

“I mean, if the relationship can't survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?” ~Nickolas Sparks

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