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to all brand-new and all die-hard Glamberts!

. . . and Astrology Aficionados!

Come on in, take your time and explore.

These pages are a work in progress.

Updates will be added where they fit into the narrative.

Enjoy Adam . . . Enjoy the Stars!

Adam's Planets

The planets have personalities and symbolisms. These symbolisms are at the heart and soul of astrology. Master the symbolisms and the planets will speak to you.

Chiron, the Centaur

Mythological Teacher & Healer

Bridge between Body & Spirit

Chiron was the mentor of many Greek heroes. Chiron teaches that the medicine is in the wound, and that the path of healing is through pain. 

"Only the wounded physician heals." ~Carl Jung

Adam and his mentor, Chiron

Adam has an abundance of planets in Air and Fire signs but is especially lacking the Earth element in his chart. His mentor - Chiron, in Earthy Taurus - grounds him and inspires him to be patient and to be willing to build slowly but for eternity.

 "I am not a teacher, but an awakener."  ~Robert Frost


POTENTIAL OF A SUPERSTAR:  The planetoid Chiron holds sway over charisma, notoriety, and a person's public persona.


Adam's Venus (planet ruling attraction, sex appeal, beauty, seduction) makes an enhancement aspect (contra-parallel) to his Chiron. This is a spectacular aspect that bestows the kind of charisma needed to enchant an audience. A romantic at heart, here is someone who is in love with being in love.


Adam's Mercury (planet governing communication, expression, perception) makes an enhancement aspect (contra-parallel) to his Chiron. This harmonious energy, when activated, helps to actualize an intelligent, adventuresome and charismatic speaker, performer, writer and storyteller/lyricist.


Adam's Jupiter (symbolic of fulfillment, success, good fortune, dreams coming true) makes an enhancement aspect (contra-parallel) to his Chiron. This super aspect provides Adam with the potential of a fabulous public image and a commanding presence. It often foretells success obtained through charisma.


Even though these planetary gifts and opportunities are available to Adam, he needs to activate them by hard work, determination and perseverance.

"What we send forth returns home again."

Chiron is also the planet that points to Adam's Soulmates. 

CLICK HERE to read more about Chiron's influence on  Adam's 'Soulmates' page.

Adam's Trinity Mandela

Adam's Moon is in Aries - Fire element - ruled by Mars

Adam has the most feminine of planets in the most masculine of signs. Our natal Moon describes our emotional nature and moods. It reveals our predominant emotional reactions and how we deal with them. 

All planets and signs can be expressed positively or negatively. Often a positive expression steps over the line into negativity when it is exaggerated. The following are some examples of expressions often found in someone with their Moon in Aries.

Positive expression

energetic - vigorous

FIERCE - brave





Negative expression

restless - impatient

reckless - headlong

distant - physically & emotionally

aggressive - contentious


controlling - overbearing - bossy

Adam's Sun is in Aquarius - Air element - ruled by Saturn & Uranus

Saturn (responsibility) and Uranus (liberation) need to go hand-in-hand for positive expression. The following are some examples of expressions often found in someone with their Sun in Aquarius.

Positive expression

everybody's friend


imaginative - original


Negative expression

lonely among many - misunderstood

rebel, for the sake of disruption

eccentric - crazy


Adam's Rising Sign is in Libra - Air element - ruled by Venus

Our Rising Sign—also known as our Ascendant— reflects our spontaneous and instinctual reactions to meeting new people and encountering new situations. Sometimes our Rising Sign is referred to as 'Our Mask' because it is how most 'others' see us. Everything is filtered through our Rising Sign. When someone gets to know us more intimately, they will see more of our Sun Sign  and Moon Sign  characteristics.


Adam’s Glamberts would be most familiar with Adam’s Rising Sign (OuterSelf), while catching occasional glimpses of his Sun (RealSelf) and Moon (InnerSelf).


Rising Sign

By Glamberts

This portrait of Adam was generated when a fan asked fellow Glamberts to "Give me a word that best describes Adam."

If humanity ever captures the energy of love, it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire.

~paraphrasing Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Adam's Venus is in Capricorn - Earth element - ruled by Saturn

What do you get when you combine the patiently-persistent and security-minded energy of Capricorn with the planet Venus, which rules expressions of love and affection?

"The Practical Idealist"

Why Do Glamberts Adore Adam?

As discussed earlier, Adam's Chiron has gifted him with an abundance of charismatic energy, which Adam has harnessed and continues to develop. Adam's Venus also offers him some incredible gifts.

No planet is an island and Adam's Cappy Venus is enhanced by the flow of energy it receives from several of his other natal planets.

When cultivated, the energy from this aspect can evolve into:

  • a beautiful voice

  • an appreciation of the arts

  • an innate dramatic flair

  • a talent for writing/speaking/singing

  • a charming communicator, with gracious and polite manners

When these energies merge, the following attributes usually manifest:

  • intense appreciation of beauty

  • a warm and friendly nature

  • idealistic about love - a romantic at heart

  • has a need for growth, good humor and fun in relationships

BAM!  The Ultimate Sexual Linkage.

Juno rules sex appeal and sexual charisma.

No wonder Glamberts around the world - male and female, young and old - adore Adam Lambert.

Adam's Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal for JavAdam.png

To run with the wolf was to run in the shadows, the dark ray of life, survival and instinct. A fierceness that was both proud and lonely, a tearing, a howling, a hunger and thirst. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst. A strength that would die fighting, kicking, screaming, that wouldn't stop until the last breath had been rung from its body. The will to take one's place in the world. To say 'I am here.' To say 'I am.'  ~O.R. Melling

Adam's Tattoos

Years later, as Adam continued to add to his tattoo body art, fans began to notice that his Infinity tattoo was no longer visible - it had been covered over with black ink. Many fans speculated and some were worried about why Adam would do this.

Thank you, Adam, for sharing what happened to your Infinity tattoo:

Antinous was an exceptionally beautiful Greek youth who became the favorite of the Roman Emperior Hadrian, sharing his bed and his life for 7 years. Following Antinous’ untimely and mysterious death by drowning in the Nile River, a heartbroken Hadrian founded a city at the place where Antinous died, had countless sculptures made of him, and took the unprecedented step of having his likeness stamped on Roman coins and having him deified - thus Antinous became the last Roman god.

In April of 2017, Adam added a tattoo to his calf in tribute to his beloved dog, Pharaoh.

"New tattoo work on shoulder and arm by the amazing Roxx." ~Adam

About Roxx, from the 2SPIRIT ARTISTS website:

Her organic geometry draws influence from indigenous, spiritual and tribal cultures, sacred patterns occurring in nature and architectural forms.

Each piece begins manifesting upon meeting the client. Like a divine 6th sense, the tattoo evolves into a visual representation of their inner warrior.

The stars know our souls ~

our talents & our gifts,

our darkness & challenges,

our passions & potential,

our unique light.

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